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Memories to Memoirs

Preserving Our Legacy

With the recent availability of DNA kits used to research one’s ancestry, there’s been a resurgence of interest in finding out who our forebears were and where they came from.  There are several companies that provide these kits with emphasis on different aspects of our history – some deal with the likelihood of our contracting particular medical conditions, while others focus on cultural migrations and […]

Organizing Your Memoir

One of the students in my class this week was bemoaning the fact that she didn’t know how to incorporate into her memoir all the material she’d saved over the years.  She had, as most of us do, boxes and boxes of old photos, letters, correspondence, keepsakes and masses of other trivia that she wanted to include, but she couldn’t make any kind of sense […]

Whose Story Are You Writing?

A common question that crops up when writing your memoir is: “What if my sister, my mother, my weird uncle, or whoever else I mention in my story, objects to something I’ve written?” Ask yourself two questions: 1.  Is it my story to tell? 2.  Is it relevant to my own life’s story that I do want to tell? If episodes of the story centre […]

All Memory Is False

Memory. You can’t write your memoir without it.  It’s the one aspect that defines who you are.  Most of us take it for granted – that is, until it starts to show gaps or fails us at critical moments.  But what is it and how does it work? When we think of memory, we tend to see it as a series of video images or […]

Emotional Charge in Memoir

In every story, both fiction and non-fiction, all the best writing teachers tell us there has to be a main goal, an overarching question, a deep desire or an obsession.  This powerful thread throughout the story keeps a reader engaged and committed to reaching the story’s end in order to find out what happens. It’s an accepted rule in creative writing. What About Memoir? What […]


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