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Memories to Memoirs

How Do I Write My Memoirs?

Are you stuck trying to write your life story? By the time we become seniors, most of us have come to the realization that we’ve left it too late. We think we’d like to write our memoirs, but we never got around to asking our parents the important questions: How did they meet? Who was their first love? How did they become the people they […]

Writing as Art

The following is a comment I posted in reply to a blog post from K.M. Weiland, one of the finest writers I’ve never met, but whom I follow regularly.  Literature as Art In her article, Helping Authors Become Artists, she pinpoints what defines an author who has become an artist at the craft and discusses the necessity for learning the skills of writing, in order […]


Gotta love letters — A. B. C.’s.  Without ‘em, our civilization wouldn’t exist.   Other languages – other letters: Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Chinese pictographs, Druidic runes, Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Throughout history, in all cultures, somehow, someone has figured out a way to record our activities in a more permanent way than fickle memory allows. The alphabet used in many modern language groups is made up of […]

Writing Your Life as The Hero’s Journey

You want to create your memoirs or autobiography.  You want to write about your life, but it seems like a series of unrelated incidents, random events happening one after another.   However, If you look closely, you can see where certain choices and decisions were the key points where your life diverged from one path to a different one.  Each of these “inciting incidents”, to […]

National Grammar Day

Though a proud member of the Grammar Police, I’m as guilty as anyone for breaking the rules of grammar and punctuation when necessary.  However, I strongly believe it’s important to know what those rules are so you can break them intentionally and not simply through ignorance. In the past several years, particularly since global travel has become so accessible and the use of cellphones and […]

Writers’ Generic Disclaimer

There’s something that every writer I’ve ever met has, at one time or another, said to their friend, writing buddy or critique group.  It’s the dreaded Writers’ Generic Disclaimer, or what I like to call the WGD.  The WGD goes something like this: “I had trouble with this piece.  It still needs a lot of work.”   Another common variant is: “It’s only a first […]

The Relevance of Good Grammar

How many different skills have you learned in your lifetime? I’ll bet, if you count them all up, you’ll find you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of life-skills.  Many of these skills are acquired by a sort of unconscious osmosis, through societal culture, family habits and traditions or sheer trial and error.  Others are the ones you’ll have consciously developed, the better to get a […]

Creative Obsession

Everyone’s creative.  In our own way, each one of us has a creative drive within us.  For some, it manifests as painting, music or theatre.  For others, the pursuit of science, city planning or auto mechanics.  Even serial killers perfect their art, sometimes over years and dozens of iterations, each time trying to get it perfect.   Who you callin’ obsessed? While the drive towards […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Why do we want to start over and remake our lives every January 1st?  Is it guilt for overindulging over the holidays?  Is it disappointment that we haven’t achieved what we imagined to be our true potential?  Or self-pity, shame, self-hatred, or doubt about our own self-worth? When did it start? Is it all the negative little voices in our heads that point out all […]

Preserving Our Legacy

With the recent availability of DNA kits used to research one’s ancestry, there’s been a resurgence of interest in finding out who our forebears were and where they came from.  There are several companies that provide these kits with emphasis on different aspects of our history – some deal with the likelihood of our contracting particular medical conditions, while others focus on cultural migrations and […]

Organizing Your Memoir

One of the students in my class this week was bemoaning the fact that she didn’t know how to incorporate into her memoir all the material she’d saved over the years.  She had, as most of us do, boxes and boxes of old photos, letters, correspondence, keepsakes and masses of other trivia that she wanted to include, but she couldn’t make any kind of sense […]