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10 Memoir Prompts To Get You Started

What Should I Write About? Some of the first questions people ask when beginning a memoir are: What should I write about?  How do I choose which events and incidents to include and which ones should I leave out? What’s Important? Sometimes a writing prompt or suggestion can help you to get your first words down and give you a sense of direction, but it […]

How to Rivet Your Reader with Narrative Drive

What is it that keeps a reader interested in your memoir?  Why should they keep reading what you have to say?  And what’s Narrative Drive anyway? I first heard the term narrative drive from John Truby, Hollywood screenwriter, and one of my heroes. Narrative drive is the momentum that carries any story forward – a situation, investigation or inquiry that must be resolved in order […]

How Important is Scene Construction in Memoir?

Are You A Pantser Or A Plotter? When I started taking my writing seriously in 2015, I was an avowed “pantser” — someone who writes by the seat of her pants, with no thought to plotting, construction or structure.  No scene construction for me, boy!  I wanted my fictional characters to tell me their story without trying to impose myself on their creativity.  It was […]

Who Cares?

Why would anyone want to read my memoirs? Who am I to think my story is worth writing down? Who cares? And if nobody cares, why should I bother? What’s the point? There are two main questions here: 1. Who do I think I am? 2. And who am I writing it for, anyway? The first question indicates a lack of confidence or a sense […]


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